A "think-outside-of-the-box" web game

You are a WebNinja, and your goal is to find ways of leveling up your skills and problem solving online. You do this by continuously figuring out what the following URL is. We won’t tell you how. That’s your task – but we will say that you might need to surf around the internet if you get stuck along the way.

In the beginning, it’s easy with some basic and “think-outside-the-box” understanding, but as you keep reaching new levels, it will become more and more technical in terms of web development.

The OnlineWebNinja is a “simple” game, and we recommend that you use a sheet (Google or Excel) to keep track of the URLs you’ve found along your way. The game has three primary levels, with multiple pages and problems to solve.

If you reach the final URL of the last level, you can earn yourself a spot on our secret“ scoreboard.

Please don’t post any spoilers or help each other publically (It’s about learning and figuring things out on your own)

About the creators of the Ninja Game

We are Morten and Arvin, self-employed business owners with +10-15 years of experience in web development, and we both have a Master’s degree in IT.

We help companies perform better online with strategies, web development, and optimization to reach their goals.

If you like this game or have any thoughts or comments, please feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Linkedin (we are most active on LinkedIn, though)